Monday, December 27, 2010


Well, NaNoWriMo didn't turn out the way I planned. I got off to a GREAT start but my move got in the way. Thankfully, I'm all settled in. This week I'm plotting out my next year. I've learned that if I don't set goals and a specific action plan to reach those goals, I wind up not accomplishing much through the year. I meander through 365 days with not much to show for it on December 31st.

This year has been a year of amazing transition for me. I'm not as far as I expected to be in my writing. That's why I'm working right now to set specific goals. You should too. I normally set goals in four areas:

1) My relationship with my Lord.
2) My physical fitness.
3) My contribution to the world in which I live.
4) My writing.

Want to look back this time next year and feel that sense of satisfaction and fulfillment? Then take some time between now and New Year's Day to give it some serious thought. Don't brush over it. Think it out. Then plan it out. Sure, there will be bumps in the road and you may have to adjust your plan but you'll be surprised what you'll be able to accomplish.

Happy  (and wildly productive)New Year!

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