Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Resolve

          Know the most challenging thing I face in writing? Not finding words. Not placing them in the write order to say what I want to say. It’s not even the Evil Editor who tears my beautifully constructed sentences apart. No, it’s not that at all. It’s me! Yep, that’s right. I am the single largest barrier in my writing world.

          There I stand right in my way to stop my forward progress. To tell myself how bad I write. To convince myself to go watch that movie rather than work on that difficult scene or my word count. After all, I’m really a horrible writer. Why even bother?

          I made a fresh commitment to my writing for 2011. I sense the excitement of what could be. Of what is meant to be. I even partnered with a friend to pray for each other. Yet, two hours later as I prepared to put the period at the end of New Year’s Day, the voices came back. Those menacing chants that haunt me from the darkness. From my past failures. They all tell me to stop wasting my time. I’ll be much happier watching Sunday football than writing.

          Yet, I’m at my computer, typing away. Why? It’s who I am. It’s what I was created to do. I’ve given in to the voices in the past. I’ve believed their lies and let precious moments click off the clock without finishing my course.

          My commitment to myself for 2011 is that it will be a year of NO EXCUSES! I will write because it is who I am. I will write because it is what God would have me do. I will put words on the page because I have stories inside me that are just screaming to get out.

          I know 2011 will be a great year. I embrace it and will allow it to lead me wherever it will, albeit turning a deaf ear to all the monsters that jump out of the darkness to remind me how bad I write. My journey has begun and I will reach my destination.

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