Friday, January 14, 2011

What Dreams May Come

Twenty-five years ago in a small town, a young lady birthed a dream. She vowed that one day she would see her own novel in bookstores. Stories, ideas, creativity flowed as visions of publication were recorded in her heart.

Years went by without Barnes and Noble calling for a book signing, and Oprah didn't choose her manuscript for her Book of the Month club. Publishing companies rejected her work.

Yet she kept the dream alive. She worked hard at developing her skill. She attended writers workshops and registered for author's retreats. She read author's blogs and books on how to write a breakout novel, and hung on the coat tails of those who were already published.

And she wrote. And wrote. And rewrote. She edited. Had others critique. Wrote some more.

Thousands of times she could have thrown in the towel. She'd already gone farther than most at living her dream. You know... that impossible, always illusive dream. Yet the flame burned ever hotter inside her. And the story cried within her to be shared with others. She continued to be faithful to her dream.

Decades after the seed was planted in her heart, years after her first rejection letter littered her mailbox, her manuscript was accepted by a major publishing company. Her diligence, tenacity and refusal to abandon the dream will be evident in her smile as she autograph's that novel for you.

We all will do well to follow in her dream... BIG... and never, never never abandon the dream. If you dream it, and remain true to it, your dream will come.

Thanks friend for showing me the way. You are my hero! Because of you, today I dare to dream!

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