Friday, February 11, 2011

The Conspiracy of My Mind

Last night I worked with a friend online getting used to Skype. You know, that program that allows you to instant message and make phone calls using the internet. Skype was invented by two Swedish techno-brainiacs. Knowing this, I told my friend I really didn't like to use the program because it was un-American.

Suddenly, out of absolutely nowhere, my imagination began to conjure up all sorts of evil plans to take over my mind. Cryptic subliminal messages told me to kill my dog and steal the money out of the red kettles at Christmas. A computer cyborg jumped out of my monitor and sent me to the remote planet of Skyperia. I was sentenced to life in techno-prison.

My wise friend calmly typed, "please step away from the Skype." Clearly, my wild, uncontrollable imagination was flexing her muscles! I mean, I created a new planet, a whole new civilization, and a secret conspiracy to completely control the phone communications of the entire world...all in five sentences! Not bad, huh?

Know what I learned? There's a story in EVERYTHING! Even a weird name. There was an entire mystery or thriller there, but don't tell the Skypers. They'll sneak into my work in progress in the middle of the night,kill the hero and write the villain to reign victorious over good. He'll take over the world!

Oops... there I go again. I soooo love being a writer. But I really must be kind to my readers. So, to spare you, the Masters of Skyperia have issued a subliminal command for me to type: The End.

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  1. Very sound advice from your friend...please step away from Skype. ;)