Saturday, October 30, 2010


As a beautiful sunny day dawns on Central Florida, I'm too excited to sleep. Just two days 'til NaNoWriMo begins. For hours now I've been sitting at my desk, listening to the voices inside my head.

Long Journey Home begins on Monday! I have a great support team. The MyBookTherapy dear friends. We laugh together, plot together, gently prot each other to keep moving forward... We laugh alot, pray without ceasing. The editor in the group pounted out to me that "All Y'all' isn't a plural pronoun. Who knew?!

Is there a story in you just itching to get out? To grace the world with it's message? Then WRITE IT! Have a dream to walk into your favorite local bookstore and see your novel sitting center isle? Good.

Now Hear This!!!!! Your dream is too important to remain unlived. Join groups to support you in your quest. Write. Daily. No matter how blocked your writer mind is. Even when the voices in your head are telling you to put your pencil down.

Sign up for NaNoWriMo at

Hey, it's only writing 50,000 in 30 day. Piece of cake, right?

Want more fun and support? Join Susan May Warren's MyBookTherapy Voices Forum. We're having a NaNoWriMo Celebration!!! Join now!

Want to follow my progress on NaNoWriMo? I'm docrjhoffman.

Follow my blog for regular updates on Long Journey Home!

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