Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chance Meeting, Ties that Bind

In October 2009, I flew for the first time in my life to Minnesota. I didn't know what to expect. After all, I'd never been that far north. Nor had I gone to a writer's retreat. Oh, I knew what they did at those gatherings. They took your baby and crucified it. Or so I heard.

I assembled with a dozen perfect strangers, none of which looked or acted like me. Perhaps I'd made a mistake. I still had time to escape. The conference room doors were still open. I could make it to my car if I ran really fast.

Two days later, I lamented the fact that we were dispersing and going back to the four corners of the country. We became the greatest of friends. We laughed... we cried... we stayed up late in our pajamas working on crafting our story... and we PONDERED all things wonderful. And so the famous Ponderers were formed.

Since that day, we have written 648 pages of messages to each other. We celebrate victories. We support each other during the rough times. We pray for each other. And when something good happens, we all start HaPpY DaNgInG. We created our own choreography from a typo!

The greatest support team I've ever had are my precious My Book Therapy Ponderers. The chance meeting at the MBT StoryCrafters retreat tied a knot that nothing cannot be broken. Our hearts are knitted together with a 12 strand chord. We are friends and sisters. We are the Ponderers. Here's to you my precious friends!

Who are your supporters you turn to during your writing career? Have you told them recently how much you appreciate them?

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  1. I look at that photo and I start smiling ... the start of it all. The start of friendship. Of a prayer community. Of writing comrades. Of HaPpY DaNgInG. Who knew? God did.
    And I thank him every day that He allowed me to be a part of the Ponderers.